Benefits of private cardiology consultations

Why see a cardiology specialist privately?

Although the NHS is a great way of getting the right treatment at no cost it does have some disadvantages. By paying to see a specialist privately, whether you have health insurance or not, you can jump long NHS waiting lists and see a specialist within a few days as opposed to weeks or months. You get to see a consultant rather than a junior doctor and you generally have longer in the consultation to discuss your problems. It can save weeks of worry if you have symptoms that you want looking at by a specialist who can arrange all the necessary tests quickly and get a diagnosis and treatment in a much quicker time. Some investigations such as ECG and echocardiography can be completed at the time of the consultation with results available immediately. Most other tests can be completed within a week which is far quicker than most NHS hospitals.

You also have the peace of mind of dealing directly with a consultant and avoiding the bureaucracy of an NHS hospital. If you would like to see a cardiologist for your symptoms without the long wait of going through the NHS process you can do so here.


Dr. Hamaad is a fee assured specialist recognised by all the following private medical insurers. The term ‘fee assured’ means that there will not be any additional costs to pay because Dr. Hamaad follows the insurance fee structure. If you do not have private medical insurance you can still make an appointment with Dr. Hamaad.

For non-insured patients the fees are:

  • Private consultation £170

  • ECG £50

  • Private consultation with ECG £220

  • Echocardiogram £300

  • Ambulatory (portable) ECG £150-£300

  • Exercise ECG (stress test) £200

  • Coronary angiogram £2900 (day case procedure at BMI Priory only)

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