Private Pilot Medical Assessment

If you are applying for a pilot’s licence with the Civil Aviation Authority you are required to undergo a stringent pilot medical assessment as part of the application process. Sometimes the pilot medical assessment process requires a further more detailed assessment of the heart. This may arise due to an abnormality or change on the ECG or a finding on the physical examination such as a heart murmur or raised blood pressure.

CAA approved medical examiner

Dr. Hamaad is able to provide a full range of investigations for pilots who have been referred for further assessment by the Civil Aviation Authority. Depending on the request a consultation may or may not be required – but this will usually be mentioned in the initial report by the aeromedical examiner.

A detailed report can be prepared within 1 week of the consultation and copies of all heart tests provided for the pilot’s personal record as well as copies sent to the Aeromedical Examiner for the Civil Aviation Authority.

Customary fees for heart tests are:

Consultation and examination£170
Exercise ECG£200
24 hour ECG£150

In most cases, we can perform all the tests together to avoid multiple visits. In addition, a discount will be offered for multiple tests and reimbursement for travel costs if this involves a journey of greater than 30 miles.

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